Black tea: Amazing how much is sold worldwide


Among the amazing things about black tea is its popularity.

A huge percentage—the number varies from year to year—of the nearly 5 million tons of tea produced every year around the world is black tea. In the U.S. market alone, nearly 90 percent of tea sales are black tea. Ninety percent!

The world’s largest producer of tea, China, actually produces more green tea than any other Chinese tea, and consumes much of it. In fact, were China into black tea as much as other tea-consuming nations—India, for example—black tea’s percentage of the market would be utterly ridiculous.

You ask, why? The virtues of green and oolong Chinese tea and blooming tea are not unknown. How did black tea get such a grip on the market?

One good reason is that black tea benefits to health are not negligible. More precisely, black tea contains more caffeine than other teas. While too much caffeine is problematic, black tea contains half or fewer milligrams per cup than coffee so coffee drinkers can switch and reduce their caffeine intake.

Caffeine can be virtuous. It sparks mental alertness and fights drowsiness, which benefits an individual during a day. The tea also has flavonoids and antioxidants that recommend all teas like blooming tea and other teas. Diabetes sufferers seem to respond to black tea consumption, and there is evidence of cardiovascular benefit. Black tea benefits are many.

Another good reason for black tea sales is that it is retailed widely. A person can enjoy a cup of Keemun black tea—such as the Keemun Mao Feng offered by Wild & Bare—and know that he is drinking a truly premium tea. Or he can buy a box of tea bags, which probably are filled with dustings and pieces of black tea. Black tea has a pervasive presence in the market.

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