Herbal Tea Can Make Hypertension Sufferers Smile


Most herbal tea drinkers are satisfied just to find themselves less anxious, sleepier at the bedtime hour, or drinking something that contains no caffeine. For some drinkers, the stakes are higher. People with high blood pressure are especially good candidates to become tea drinkers (if they aren’t already), because the tisanes can do wonders for their hypertension. High blood pressure is a condition in which blood flow is more forceful than required and works the heart more than it should. The heart is an amazingly resilient and strong organ, but having it pump more vigorously than necessary does not bode well for its long-term operation. There are prescribed medicine to regulate hypertension, and then there are herbal infusions. The infusions are made from herbs, seeds, roots, blooms and other ingredients from nature. Trial and error use of these herbs over many, many years by people around the world has produced understanding about which one does what. Herbal teas that can help regulate blood pressure are commercially produced. A good one is Imperial Wild-Growing Kuding from Hainan Province, which is available from Wild & Bare Co. This kuding is mild-tasting and a popular tea for reducing blood pressure. However, the herbal infusions also can be concocted in the home after assembling necessary ingredients. Such home brewing is not for everybody, and does not always produce a premium tea, to say the least. But it is an option. For example, alfalfa tea is recommended for hypertension and is made from crushed alfalfa seeds and water. A study in 2009 produced the kind of report that makes herbal infusions shine among hypertension sufferers. The study showed that adults with mildly high blood pressure who drank three cups of Hibiscus tea a day experienced dramatic reductions in pressure equivalent to that of people on prescribed medicines. Herbal tea and high blood pressure go together very well, and blood pressure is lesser for it.

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