Keemun Black Tea – Chinas Famous Tea


Commonly known as red tea in China, black tea is the most renowned tea worldwide. To bring out its deep fragrance and taste, Chinese black tea requires complete oxidation.  Considered China's most famed tea, Keemun is an organic black tea with hints of wine and fruit. This tea is known as the "Queen of Fragrance" and the "Burgundy of Black Teas' and is infused with the character of smooth honey.

The History…

Keemun tea was produced for the first time in 1875 by Yu Qianchen, a bureaucrat in Anhui. He greatly influenced subsequent patterns of tea consumption in Europe, increasing the popularity of black tea over green tea. Gradually,black tea was adopted by tea estates in Darjeeling.

The Taste and Aroma…

A tempting blend of fruit, honey and flowers, Keemun exudes an elite aroma and is perfect to drink at any time of day. This Chinese black tea delivers a rich, brown, almost nutty and lightly scented brew. The delightful drink is not spoiled with the addition of a little milk. For several reasons, Keemun should not be overlooked by serious tea connoisseurs.

The Types of Keemun Wholesale Black Tea…

  • Keemun Gongfu or Congou - Thin, tight strips harvested without breaking the leaves
  • Keemun Mao Feng - Slightly twisted leaf buds
  • Keemun Xin Ya - The early bud variety, a less bitter drink
  • Keemun Hao Ya - Fine buds, graded into A and B, with A the better grade
  • Hubei Keemun - Said to have similar qualities to Anhui Keemun

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