Tasty teas that are healthful? Here are several


I am asked if I can name one or two teas that are as tasty as they are healthful. I sometimes wonder if it is a trick question. After all, nearlyeverytea produces pleasant taste sensations and health benefits.

There might be one or two exceptions where a tea is more bitter than pleasurable, but they are rare offerings. The trickier task is to pair the taste buds and health needs of a tea drinker with a tea.

Here are a baker’s half dozen tasty and healthy teas:

1)      2010 0rganic Rose Buds – This herbal tea is a delightful combination of taste and function. It has a sweet, rosy taste and is a calming tea that masks menstrual discomfort and boosts blood circulation. Visit here to learn more

2)      Purple Chrysanthemum Wild Flower – This herbal tea is effective when ridding the body of toxins is needed. It has a floral taste and a reputation for being a cooling tea. Visit here to learn more

3)      2010 Guangxi Jiao Gu Lan – This is a mild-tasting tea. The Fiveleaf Gynostemma herb in it was first called a “miracle herb” some 750 years ago. It still is. Visit here to learn more

4)      Keemun Mao Feng Black – This black tea is a wonderful morning tea, which is to say it is a good start-the-day, energizing tea. The black tea has a sweet, toasty, and honeyed flavor. Visit here to learn more

5)      2009 Jinggu Purple Bud – This pu-erh tea is a relatively scarce variety and is marked by a flowery, honey taste.  The tea is rife with amino acids and a flavonoid that fights cancer and bacterial infection. Visit here to learn more

6)      Handmade Premium Liu An Gua Pian – The Chinese green tea is a notably refreshing tea. The taste is part of it, usually described as “super fresh” and sweet. Visit here to learn more

7)      Spring Zheng Yan Imperial Rou Gui Wuyi Rock – This oolong Chinese tea helps with weight and cholesterol control. It has a rather unique flavor that has been described as a combination of pepper and cinnamon. Visit here to learn more

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