The Bai Tea Culture


Every year we create a special Chinese New Year's card that captures the spirit of Wild & Bare Co.

The image of a Bai woman on this year's card was taken during our trip to the old city of Dali in China's Yunnan Province.

The Bai Ethnic Minority are skilled in everything from agriculture to architecture, but they are famed for their hospitality.

During holidays, the Bai treat honored guests to a special three-course tea ceremony that subtly conveys the Bai philosophy of life.

For the first course, tea leaves are placed in a small clay jar and held over a fire until they become yellow and charred. The bitter taste symbolizes the hardship we must all endure before finding contentment in our careers.

For the second course, new water is added and boiled again before being poured into a bowl with walnuts and brown sugar. The tea's sweetness is a reward for enduring the earlier bitterness, and shows that there is no true joy in this life without struggle.

For the third course, the boiling tea is poured into a bowl filled with Sichuan pepper and honey. The tea is at once bitter, sweet, and spicy, but with a sublime aftertaste, which teaches us that even when presented with myriad challenges we should always face them with hope and equanimity.

Happy Chinese New Year from the Wild & Bare Co. Team.

Please feel free to forward this card, and the story of the Bai Tea Culture, to any friends who love China, Nature, or Tea.

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