There is a best tea for you—but not for everyone


I often am asked what is the best tea? Or what tea is best for a beginning tea-drinker? I am waiting for someone to ask me, Is there a best tea? That question I could answer: No.

Just as there is no perfect cup of tea for the world’s taste buds, there is no best tea for everyone. We all are individual in our tastes and experiences and preferences and thank goodness for that. If we were all the same, there would be exactly one type of tea grown and consumed and how boring would that be?!

It is much easier to differentiate between best and, say, worst. I could name some bagged teas that contain possibly the worst accumulation of fannings and dust on the market. If they are not the worst—and “worst” is almost as hard to distinguish as “best”—they most definitely are not the best. That I can say for sure.

But there are superior teas, of course. Yet even superior teas must have an asterisk beside their names, as in *Superior in terms of high level of caffeine, or *Superior in terms of antioxidant content. Let me give you some examples:

• Rose Black Tea is a good scented tea for any drinker, but a superior one for women. It has long been valued highly for its tonic properties. The combination of Anhui Keemun black tea and dried rose petals is pleasingly aromatic with a fresh and sweet taste. Women especially can benefit from drinking this tea because it regulates emotions, soothes menstrual discomfort and balances hormones.

• Guangxi Jiao Gu Lan has an ancient history as a curative drink. The herbal drink is good for any drinker, but is superior as a sleep-inducing tea for an ill person. It can reduce fever, alleviate coughing, and relax an anxious person till sleep comes naturally. It has other healthful properties, but its mildness and gentleness is a key characteristic.

So, the best tea is the best one for “you” at any given moment. Count up the “yous” and that’s how many “bests” there are.

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