Why flavonoid-rich black tea is a good health choice


Though Chinese black tea is wildly popular around the world—particularly outside China—you have to wonder if it is the taste or the health benefits that drives its popularity.

The tea also has been well marketed, of course. Black was the tea that introduced much of the West to tea-drinking and first advantage is something any product-maker covets. Being the first on the market is a terrific marketing edge. People are just now learning to buy green tea, for example, because they are in the habit of buying black tea.

Yet after all these years, black tea retains a hold on millions of people’s loyalty, so it obviously is a good product. Undoubtedly it is a combination of good taste and the health benefits of black tea that keeps it in an ascendant position among tea drinkers.

The taste of the fully oxidized tea leaf is strong and flavorful. Combine that with the caffeine that also has a strong presence and black tea really grabs a drinker. In many cases, it doesn’t let go and black tea drinkers remain black tea drinkers—sometimes missing out on some other delicious teas as a consequence!

What are the health benefits of black tea? The tea is flavonoid-rich. Specifically, it has enormously more theaflavins and thearubigins than, for example, green tea.

A US Department of Agriculture study conducted by several university and commercial researchers concluded that black tea contains 99 times more theaflavins and 45 times more thearubigins than does green tea. (On the other hand, green tea has three times more catechins.)

Several other studies—from the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia—have shown that this abundance of flavonoids works wonders in reducing bad cholesterol, improving arterial health in general, and fighting coronary heart disease.

When people buy green tea or herbal tea, they clearly are making good health decisions. But so are shoppers who in their shopping seek the benefits of black tea.

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