Wild & Bare Co.

Our goal is to pour the world's finest teas into the cups of tea lovers everywhere.

This quest first began when three Chinese tea masters and I traveled the mountains of China's Yunnan province and the high-elevation tea region of Taiwan. During our journeys, we were enchanted by the dramatic vistas that greeted us each day and the lovely people who welcomed us with their teas. The teas we sipped were truly exquisite, offering blends of novel flavors and aromatic fragrances that delighted our senses. On this website, we share our discoveries with you.

During our travels, we also came across rare handcrafted tea accessories. We've taken advantage of this serendipity and are encouraging local craftsmen to produce these fine items in greater supply for global sale. By increasing exposure to the works of these rural Chinese people, we can open the way for the world to support their craftsmanship. A selection of these distinctive pieces is featured here on our website.

Of course, our quest for superior tea is far from over. We continue to walk across rough terrain to confirm rumors, tips and legends about exquisite teas. We continue trekking to mountain tops and valley tea estates to shake the skillful hands of those who harvest and produce incomparable teas. And we will continue to share these treasures with you, our fellow tea lovers, so that you might join us in savoring them.

Jean Alberti, Founder
Wild & Bare Co.

Jean Alberti

Chef Jean Alberti was raised in a family restaurant near Strasbourg, France. The rhythm of seasonal fare, wonders of fresh produce, and fine cooking of his Spanish grandmother were the ingredients in Jean's decision to make food his career.

After being anointed Best Cooking Apprentice in France, Jean trained under such renowned chefs as Albert Roux and Jean Louis Tabaillau. At age 27, he became executive chef at LA's The Tower Restaurant. During his tenure there, he was regularly named one of the best chefs in the United States.

Jean was later the founding partner of two iconic San Francisco restaurants, Evvia and Kokkari, both of which soon became Gourmet Magazine favorites.

Jean is a vigorous advocate of organic and heirloom foods. In founding Wild & Bare, Jean has committed himself to the preservation of tradition, culture, food biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

Jean carefully studies the unique soil characteristics and production methods at each tea garden he visits. Guided by local artisans whose families have grown heirloom tea for generations, Jean has curated a line of organic Chinese teas of peerless quality and authenticity.

Tea Masters

True master of quality, loose-leaf specialty teas are uncommon. As a measure of his commitment to procuring only the choicest teas, Jean Alberti works closely with three tea masters in evaluting & selecting tea offered by Wild & Bare. These are their stories...

  • Wingchi Ip

    Wingchi is the founding chairman of the Hong kong Tea Association, excutive director of the World tea Union and chief judge on the panel that appraises tea at the Hong Kong Trade Development Concil Tea Fair. He is an ardent tea fan. When China liberalized its trade policy in the 1980s, Wingchi hurried to vist mainland tea farms. In 1991, he started a tea shop in Hong Kong. He also operates a tea house at Hong Jong’s Museum of Tea Wares.

  • Lu Zhi Ming

    Lu was a tea drinker as a boy. As a young man, he attended tea-tatser training course and became a certified tea master. When Lu learned the industry was producing inauthentic pu-erh tea by leaving Arbor Tea trees out of the production process, he started a company to make this tea the traditional way. He also opened a tea store to introduce other to authentic traditional teas store to introduce other to authentic traditional teas and help artisan tea farmer in yunnan. His own pu-erh brand,”The Peak,” received a gold medal at the 2009 Donggunag Exposition.

  • Jennifer Jiang

    As a girl, Jennifer enjoyed drinking strong green tea with her father while they talked about the tea industry. Her father spent a decade working as a tea seller, traveling across China to buy and sell unique teas, Upon each return to Zhangjing, he would share what he had learned with local farmers. Jennifer followed in her father’s footsteps. She, too, visted China’s tea regions, building relationships with growers. She beacame a certified tea master and opened her own tea store in Gungzhou.

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