Herbal Tea

Our herbal teas do not contain the traditional tea leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and, thus, are naturally caffeine-free. The flowers and fruits are allowed to slowly wither, allowing the natural moisture to evaporate before being sun dried.

2010 Organic Rose Buds

Rose tea is truly a lady's tea. Not only does it have attractive colors, it contains curative properties especially beneficial to women. Since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it has been widely consumed by women to calm an unstable mood, mask menstrual discomfort, quicken blood circulation, and help treat other ailments. This rose bud tea has a charming rose fragrance that fills a whole house. The tea is very sweet, and contains no bitterness at all. After exercise, or heavy work, this tea can relax a body and instill new energy.

  • Location:
  • Harvest time: Spring
  • Picking standard: One bud
  • Shape:Plump rose
  • Dried tea color: Bright light purple with some light beige
  • Composition:
  • Aroma: Natural and fresh rose fragrance
  • Tea soup color: Light green
  • Taste: Natural and smooth, rosy
  • Brewing vessel: glass teapot

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