Green Tea

Green tea's global popularity is a consequence of its wondrous benefits. To make it, fresh leaves are fired within hours after they are picked, sealing in precious nutrients and antioxidants.

Handmade Imperial Shi Feng Longjing



Shi Feng Longjing is the highest quality tea among all the Longjings from Zhejiang province. In China, there are four Longjings: Shi Feng, Mei Wu, Xi Hu and Zhejiang. They refer to different areas and villages where the teas are produced. Shi Feng Longjing refers to the teas from Shi Feng Mountain, Longjing village and Weng Jian Shan village. Our Shi Feng tea is the pre-Qingming Longjing. It is made by hand with a super fresh and chestnut aroma and a thick, sweet taste. It is formerly the exclusive tea for Chinese Emperors and has more than a thousand years of recorded history. It is so popular that even Queen Elizabeth II, former U.S. President Richard Nixon, and Henry Kissinger once tasted this tea during their visits to China.

  • Location:
  • Harvest time: Spring
  • Picking standard: One bud with one or two leaves
  • Shape:Tight, flat
  • Dried tea color: Yellowish-green hue
  • Composition:
  • Aroma: Fresh chestnut and pleasing floral
  • Tea soup color:
  • Taste: Super fresh, thick, long-lasting sweetness
  • Brewing vessel: Recommended glass teapot
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