Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is famed for its health benefits, low levels of caffeine and soothing, natural taste. Its rich, 1,700-year history is replete with stories about pu-erh's value as a commodity and delight as a drink. It is regarded by tea connoisseurs as the King of Tea.

Imperial Ban Zhang 2009



The Ban Zhan pu-erh tea cake comes from the mountainous regions of Ban Zhai, where many antique tea trees grow. This specific terroir results in an astringent tea. It is bold and deeply desired by tea experts and tea lovers. The tea is characteristically bitter and yet not harshly so. During the aging process, the fruity concentration increases and becomes sweeter.

  • Location:
  • Harvest time: Spring 2009
  • Picking standard: One bud with two leaves
  • Shape:Tight, fat, plump
  • Dried tea color: Dark green
  • Composition:
  • Aroma: Deep, clean, exquisite floral aroma with a touch of honey
  • Tea soup color: Yellowish, bright
  • Taste: A bit astringent at first, then elegant and delicate
  • Brewing vessel: Recommended Gaiwan.
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