Blooming Tea

Blooming tea originated in Yunnan Province, which is known as the birthplace of Chinese tea. Artisans working high in the mountains hand-tie each bundle of blossom tea, carrying on a tradition of craftsmanship that has been passed down for centuries.

Lily Basket



Handmade Lily Basket blooming tea is from Fujian Province. A choice grade of tea buds from Da Bai Hao tea trees is joined with the dry jasmine and lily flower. The jasmine taste is evident and pleasing. The tea aids with detoxification and cooling of the body.

Nine tea bouquets steep 18 pots of tea.

  • Location: Fujian Province
  • Harvest time:
  • Picking standard:
  • Shape:
  • Dried tea color:
  • Composition: Dry lily flower, dry jasmine flower, tea buds
  • Aroma:
  • Tea soup color:
  • Taste:
  • Brewing vessel: glass pot
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