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Pu Gui White Tea

Brewing guidelines:

4 to 5 grams at a time; infuse at 85C (185F) for about 90 seconds; gradually increase steeping time for subsequent infusions.

White tea became popular in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It was often offered to royalty and served as a tribute to emperors. One dynastic emperor, Hui Zong (1101-1125), was so fixated on seeking the perfect white tea that his obsession cost him most of his power and empire. Upon experiencing white tea, a modern drinker will understand the emperor's fascination. The reason white tea is so difficult to find is because its production requires meticulous care and effort. During harvest, workers sift and pick the best leaves and silver buds manually. About 100,000 shoots are harvested to yield 1 kilogram of white tea.

  • Location: Zheng An, Guizhou Province
  • Harvest time: Spring
  • Picking standard: One bud
  • Shape:Tiny needle
  • Dried tea color:
  • Composition:
  • Aroma: Roast chestnut, cocoa with sorrel notes
  • Tea soup color: Limpid, pale yellow with hint of pink
  • Taste: Little bitterness, zesty head note
  • Brewing vessel: Gaiwan or glass pot recommended

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