Herbal Tea

Our herbal teas do not contain the traditional tea leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and, thus, are naturally caffeine-free. The flowers and fruits are allowed to slowly wither, allowing the natural moisture to evaporate before being sun dried.

Purple Chrysanthemum Wild Flower Tea



The purple chrysanthemum is a rare chrysanthemum flower found only on a mountain in Qiaoban village, which is in a town called Yanjia in the province of Zhejiang. The purple chrysanthemum is plucked once a year in the middle of October. The purple chrysanthemum is the only chrysanthemum that does not need pesticides to survive because it emits an odor that naturally repels pests. The purple chrysanthemum also produces a cooling tea that maintains its fresh taste even after being infused repeatedly. Chinese herbal teas made from chrysanthemum flowers help cleanse and detoxify the body. These health benefits add to the tea’s desirability.

  • Location:
  • Harvest time: Late autumn
  • Picking standard: One flower
  • Shape:Flower-shaped
  • Dried tea color: Purple ray and orange disk florets with green stems
  • Composition:
  • Aroma: Natural and fresh floral fragrance
  • Tea soup color: Light green
  • Taste: Natural, astringent and smooth floral
  • Brewing vessel: Glass tea pot
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