Oolong Tea

This family of tea is classified between black and green. The various intensities of fragrances are determined by the different levels of oxidation that occur in the tea leaves. With its diverse array of aromas, oolong offers the most variety of any tea.

Traditional Taiwanese Oolong Tea



Created on the Taiwanese soil and under the great climatic conditions of Taiwan, the spring harvest green oolong tea is regarded as one of the best in the world. Its potent floral fragrance is a pleasant greeting. This floral effect works harmoniously with the fresh green flavor and a hint of fire. This oolong tea has it all — a rich taste, good texture, a desirably floral touch, very good flavor.

  • Plant: Camellia sinensis
  • Location:
  • Harvest time:
  • Picking standard: One bud and one leaf
  • Shape:Leaves rolled into small pearls
  • Dried tea color: Dark green
  • Composition:
  • Aroma: Buttery and candied coconut notes
  • Tea soup color: Straw yellow
  • Taste: Flowery, jasmine that lingers on the palate
  • Brewing vessel: Recommended gong fu
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